The Facts and Statistics

  • Band is the largest organization on the LHS campuses.
  • Band is a great social network that promotes high academic standards, self-disciplines, teamwork, responsibility, and leadership.
  • The LHS Band exhibits a pattern of academic success which usually represents 50% of the Top Ten in the Senior class.
  • The LHS Band offers dual high school credit in Fine Arts and Physical Education during the Fall semester.
  • The LHS Band takes yearly trips to different destinations around the country.


SAT Scoring Statistics

  • National Average SAT Score – 1498
  • Texas Average SAT Score – 1437
  • All-State Top Instrumental Ensemble Average SAT Score – 1928

The data proves that extended musical studies improves cognition and increases academic achievement.


  • Students involved in public school music programs scored 107 points higher on the SATs than those with no participation.*
  • Music training enhances abstract reasoning skills.**
  • Music uniquely enhances higher brain functions required for mathematics, science, and engineering.**
  • Students involved in music are better at languages, learned to read more easily, showed an improved social climate, showed more enjoyment in school, and had a lower level of stress than non-music students.***


*Profiles of SAT and Achievement Test Takers, The College Board, compiled by the Music Educators National Conference (2002)
**Neurological Reserach, Feb 28, 1997; Francis Rauscher, Ph.D., Gordon Shaw, Ph.D, University of California, Irvine
***Weber, E.W., Spychiger, M. & Patry, J.L. (1993)