Our program would not survive without our amazing volunteers. If you want to get involved, but aren’t sure where to start, read below for some ideas. If you’re worried about not knowing what to do, relax. We always have parents around who’ve been through the routine a time or two and everyone is willing to help everyone else.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • End of summer band party chaperone – Help serve food and water to students and be available in the event of any emergencies or other needs during the party.
  • Fundraising – Help put cookie dough and pie orders together on delivery days. Typically in the band hall one afternoon after school.
  • Fall Preview pot luck dinner – Set up prior to and clean up after the meal.
  • Game & Contest chaperone – Details are below.
  • Marching Uniform fitting / picture day – Help measure students, distribute pieces to students and record the identification number for tracking purposes. Other parents are needed to help coordinate students getting through the picture line.
  • Uniform ironing party – Generally before contest season, parents are called to volunteer their irons, ironing board and time to set up in the band hall hallway to crease bib pants in need of help.
  • Water crew – Fill water coolers before games and contests and get them to the trailer for away performances and the bleachers for home games. Disinfect them between uses.
  • Concessions – Set up, food service, and clean up for every game and event at Goldsmith Stadium.
  • Section Parents – Each section has a parent who helps coordinate communication between parents in the section when needed. Some section parents coordinate snacks for games and contests for their section. Some section parents also coordinate getting special treats into their section’s lockers before Friday games. This job is very light. Snacks and locker treats are entirely optional.


What do chaperones do?

Game chaperones help keep band students hydrated by serving water in the stands. During halftime chaperones check the water coolers to ensure they are full enough to keep everyone watered during the second half of the game. Before the end of the game, chaperones empty the water coolers and make sure they get returned to the trailer for the ride home. Chaperones also ensure all the trash is picked up after the band, leaving our section of the stands clean. For away games/performances, chaperones will ride a bus to and from the event.

Contest chaperones have many of the same duties as game chaperones with the exception of refilling the orange water coolers. At contests we often feed the students as well. In these instances, chaperones will help bag the lunches and make sure every student has a meal and bottle of water.

After each game, chaperones gather the cups/trash left in the stands. We’re lucky to have an amazing group of kids who help out by passing their cups or carrying them to us.

Before exiting the bus at the return of away games/contests, chaperones walk the rows to make sure nothing (uniform pieces or trash) has been left behind.

Chaperones are expected to report to the hall outside the band hall when the students report for their inspection call time.


What does the pit crew do?

Our pit crew volunteers assist the drumline in loading the side panel trucks as well as oversee the students loading instruments into the semi. Our pit crew also helps load and unload the water coolers for the away games.

Pit crew volunteers typically drive their own cars to the games/contest to ensure they are with the trailer and trucks to facilitate efficient unloading.

Pit crew volunteers are expected to report to the loading dock behind the band hall when the students report for their inspection call time.


Volunteer Requirements:

    • All volunteers at Lewisville ISD campuses must complete a Volunteer Background Check Application, online, through the district website. The school board policy reads as such: “The District shall obtain criminal history record information on persons the District intends to employ and on persons who intend to serve as volunteers for district campuses.”
    • By completing this application online, you are also agreeing with an electronic signature to having us request this background check. The school district pays for the actual background check; principals will have access to the “real time” volunteer list.


  • The LISD district volunteer application can be found by clicking here.