Summer Uniforms

Until temperatures drop below 90 degrees, summer uniforms are worn. Summer uniforms consist of:

  • School appropriate, khaki shorts
  • Show t-shirt (a new one is ordered each year, and extras can be purchased)
  • White ankle socks
  • Tennis shoes
  • Black or brown belt

Once the marching uniform is worn the first time it becomes the regularly worn uniform for all performances. The directors will announce when the marching uniform is to replace the summer uniform.

The show shirt is considered part of the summer uniform and should not be worn separately until we’ve moved to the marching uniform.


Marching Uniforms

At the beginning of every marching season, LHS band students are assigned a marching uniform to be worn at football games and contests. Each uniform consists of bib pants, jacket, gauntlets (2), a shako (hat), black socks, black marching shoes, black gloves, band bracelets (if applicable), a gray under armor shirt, and appropriate undergarments*.

  • New bracelets, socks, gloves and under shirt are ordered each year for each student.
  • Shoes are only ordered the first year unless a student needs a replacement pair.
  • Bib pants, jackets, gauntlets and shakos are assigned and then turned back in at the end of each marching season.

Here are the care and cleaning instructions for the uniforms.

*Appropriate undergarments will be discussed in class.

Bib pant fitting tip: Have your student put the pants on wrong side out to make it easier to access the snaps for the first fitting. Bib pants have snaps inside the leg to allow for easy fitting.
Do NOT sew pant legs up in the bib pants. Pants should be fitted so the bottom of the seam just brushes the tongue of the marching shoe but does not “break”. If you absolutely MUST use safety pins to hold a pant hem in place, put the pin in the extra flap of fabric on the inside of the leg.
Do NOT stick the pin through any part of the fabric that may ever be seen.
90 Degree Weather Note: Directors will decide and announce when the change will be made from summer uniforms to marching uniforms.


Concert Uniforms

Concert uniforms are black concert dresses for the girls and tuxedos for the boys. Once a dress or tuxedo has been purchased in the student’s first year another one is not needed. Alterations are the responsibility of the parents and should be completed before the first time concert uniforms are to be worn.

Concert uniforms should be worn with black dress shoes or their marching shoes and black socks (boys). Girls should wear black, close-toed dress shoes or flats.

Another concert uniform will not be needed unless your child outgrows theirs.

Measurements: Measurements for the concert dresses and tuxedos will be scheduled by the directors and will be done during class.

Tuxedo and Dress Delivery: Tuxedos and dresses will be delivered to the band hall prior to the first concert. Directors will announce to students when they will be delivered. It is your student’s responsibility to pick up their uniform from the band hall. Uniforms are labeled with the student’s name.

Alterations: Dresses will be fitted specifically for girls, so no alterations should be necessary. Tuxedo pants will come un-hemmed, so you will need to have the pants hemmed before the first concert. You can do the alterations yourself or take them to any tailor or dry cleaner. Miss Lana at the tailor by Fuzzy’s Taco has a stellar reputation.