Student Leaders

How does one become a leader?

Drum majors, section leaders, and band officers make up our student leaders. Our leaders are the students the directors know they can count on to keep things running smooth even when they’re busy in another area. To become a leader, students must attend the leadership camp at the end of each school year and audition.

The audition process includes:

  • a leadership profile where students answer a series of essay questions
  • marching drills
  • teaching skills
  • conducting skills (drum major)

Leaders are announced just before the end of the school year and are introduced to the incoming Freshmen during an orientation meeting where show music and school rented instruments are handed out.


What do student leaders do?

Student leaders assist the directors and students in the program. They are expected to be responsible, reliable, and accountable as they often have to handle things while the directors are busy elsewhere. The information below is by no means all inclusive, as every leader is expected to be available to help their directors and fellow band members all through the year.

Drum Major – Serves as the focal point of direction for the band during performances as they assist the directors in conducting the band during games and serve as the primarily seen conductors during shows.

These students put together a basket of candy for the opposing team’s band each week (with the other school’s colors). They deliver the basket to the other team during a half time visit with the other band.

Drum majors assist other students with music practice and in cleaning their marching shows with extra practices as needed.

Drum majors are also the students the directors look to first for help in organizing students and equipment at performances on the school grounds and at other locations as well as countless other tasks that take a large amount of time and dedication to the band.

It’s about so much more than wearing a different outfit and conducting.

Section Leaders / Captains – Help run practices, work with their section during rehearsals to fine tune music and drill, oversee inspection of their section to ensure everyone is dressed properly, and inspect lockers and the section’s area.

Band Manager – Set up all equipment for rehearsals and performances and make sure everything’s returned to the band hall.

Librarian – Manages the library, which includes copying show and concert music for the band.


Who are the drum majors?

Allison (Clarinet), Michael (Trombone), Natali (Clarinet),  Hannah (Bassoon)


How do we contact our leaders? 

At mini band camp, your leaders should give you information on how to contact them. They will contact you over the summer to organize sectionals that serve as a prime time to get to know one another and begin learning your show music. This is especially helpful for incoming Freshmen, as it’s easy for them to be overwhelmed by the increased demands of high school band.


Who are the Band Council leaders?

Drum Majors, Colorguard Captain, Pit Captain, Drum Captain