Student Frequently Asked Questions

What’s marching band like?

For most band students, this is the most fun time of the year. You get to go to and be involved in football games, pep rallies, trips, etc. with all of your friends.

Do I need to know how to march before I come to high school?

No. We will teach you everything you need to know…one step at a time. Every LHS Band student had the same question and they are there to help you learn to march.

What do we bring to Mini Band Camp?

Your instrument, water, clothes you can move easily in.

Is marching band all year? What do we do in the Spring?

Marching season ends in early November and we begin Concert Band, just like you do in middle school with concerts, Solo & Ensemble Festival and UIL.

I have a school-owned instrument, but it is not working right. What do I do?

You need to take the instrument to Music and Arts Center to have it repaired before Band Camp. LISD covers the costs for any “normal” repairs for school-owned instruments. Music and Arts Center is located next to Cristina’s Restaurant on FM 3040 close to Vista Ridge Mall. Their phone number is 972-315-8400.

How do we get information about upcoming events/performances?

You are provided a calendar of events each semester. Any additional events, or changes, will be communicated at the earliest convenience.

Additionally, the Boosters will send messages out via the YahooGroups email with updates.

However, in the LHS Band, students are expected to be accountable for themselves and the information about sectionals and performances. Students will always receive the latest updates, even beyond the update emails, in class.

I have a question. Who do I ask?

  • Check the white board in the band hall. If you have your school iPad or smart phone, take a picture of the board each week so you always have the schedule.
  • First, a veteran, someone who has been in band for at least a year.
  • Second, a section leader.
  • Third, a drum major.
  • Fourth, and only after no one else has known the answer, a director.

Is attendance at every rehearsal, sectional, game, contest and concert mandatory?

If it is on the schedule from the band directors it is mandatory and counts as part of your grade. Missed rehearsals and sections can also cost you a spot in the marching show.

Specifics are in the band handbook and course syllabus.

I am going to miss a rehearsal or performance. Who do I tell?

You or your parent should email the director well in advance of the absence, as this does impact your grade. If you (student) are emailing the director, be sure to copy your parent so the director knows your parent knows. They do check in.

It’s going to be cold at a game. Can I wear a jacket over my marching uniform?

Only Letter jackets can be worn over the marching uniform and only after the band has returned to the stands. Students who have not yet earned a Letter jacket may have blankets in the stands.

How do the jackets and blankets get into the stands for the colder games?

Arrangements will be made with chaperones at the games to get jackets and blankets into the stands for the students.

Am I allowed to eat in my marching uniform? 

As a general rule, there is no eating in uniform (Summer or Marching). Any exceptions to that rule will be communicated to you by the director.

Stains on the uniform could result in you getting to pay for a replacement. It is strongly advised that you eat before getting dressed in your uniform.

Can my parent bring me food or drinks in the stands at games? 

No. What we do we do together.

Am I allowed to have my cell phone during performances? 


Where do I put my cell phone during a performance? 

In your locker for home games. For away games and contests the chaperones have a cell phone box for each bus that gets locked up during the performance. Cell phones will be handed back out when you return to the bus.

My section leaders have called a summer sectional. Is attendance at this mandatory?

While it is highly recommended that you attend summer sectionals to get a head start on learning your music and building bonds with your section, only the directors can call a mandatory sectional. Do attend as many as possible, but the additional summer sectionals are not mandatory. If you’re in town make every effort to be there. If you’re not, try to make the next one.

What’s White Shirt Monday?

White Shirt Monday is a day when all students are required to wear a white shirt to marching rehearsal. This is in part because Monday is the day of the week when the band rehearses after school. White reflects the sun better.

What do I do if I need another copy of my music?

The first copy of music is provided. Replacement copies are an additional cost not covered by band fees.

What if I need another pair of gloves, socks, bracelet (if applicable) or gray under shirt?

Replacement items are an additional cost not covered by band fees. See a drum major if a need arises.

What are the advantages of LHS Band?

Band gives you the chance to continue bringing your musical talents to life. You will have a strong network of friends of all grade levels in high school. In addition to making the transition to high school much easier, you will get to hang with some of the best kids in the school.

Will being in Band take away from my ability to take upper level courses (AP, LEAP, etc)?

No. Many of our students are in the advanced degree programs and are very successful. Approximately 50% of the Senior Class Top Ten students each year are Band students.

Can I do Athletics and Band?

Yes. We currently have Band students in almost every athletic sport (boys and girls) including several varsity teams.