Spring Trip

Every year the band goes on an optional spring trip. On even years the trip is out of state. On odd years the trip is in state.

Out of State trips have been to places like Disney World and skiing in Colorado.

Most recently the band visited Washington D.C. over Memorial Day weekend. We watched the Marine Barracks Parade, visited several Smithsonian Museums, saw the Memorials, toured The Capital, went to Arlington National Cemetery, ate and shopped at Union Station, and watched a Memorial Day Concert on the lawn of The Capital.

This year’s out of state Spring Trip will be to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Last year was our in-state Spring Trip year.  Last Spring, we will begin a new process for the Spring Trip that occurs on in-state trip years.  Due to diminishing interest over the past few years in the Spring Trip (both in-state and out-of-state), we will change our approach for in-state Spring Trip and offer a one-day (no overnight hotel stay) Spring Trip.

The one day in-state option will be at a substantially reduced cost and will be limited to travel that can be completed in one day.  We will continue to offer the out-of-state Spring Trips every other year as we have done in the past.  This new process is related to in-state years only.  The new process will allow more students to attend the out-of-state Spring Trip as it will allow families to save money for 2 years instead of the previous one year.  Detailed information will be discussed this Fall.  An important note: All Band Fees must be “Paid in Full” before money will be applied to the any Spring Trip.

Once we begin to fund the One-Day Spring Trip, a Spring Trip Deposit (to be set once the final trip cost is set) will reserve a spot for each student planning to attend the Spring Trip.

If you have questions or are confused about the process and payment schedule, please communicate with the Booster President or Dr. Courtney. We will be glad to help. I say again, we are here to help, but we cannot help if we don’t know help is needed. Please communicate with us.

Quotes from Trip Attendees

“Going to Washington D.C., going to the museums, and learning all the cool historic things taught me and gave me more knowledge about how our country came to be.”