Parent Frequently Asked Questions

Is my student’s attendance at every rehearsal, sectional, game, contest and concert mandatory?

Just as it’s mandatory in your child’s academic classes to attend and do assignments for a complete grade, all band activities are mandatory unless otherwise stated. Attendance at band activities factor into grades. Specifics are given in the band handbook and course syllabus.

Is the marching uniform provided as a part of the band fees?

Our uniforms are provided by the district, and therefore are not included in our band fees. Our uniforms are also machine washable. Washing instructions are here.

What part of the uniform is covered in my band fees?

Provided as part of the band fees is the show t-shirt, undershirt for marching uniform, socks, and gloves to be worn with the uniform.

Freshmen will pay for shoes. Returning students will not need to purchase shoes.

Where do I purchase band spirit wear?

Our band spirit wear is normally sold at the larger band meetings like registration and the fall preview show. It is suggested that you bring cash or your checkbook to these events in case you want to purchase spirit wear.

What if I work and cannot get my child to a rehearsal?

Many of our parents are in the same situation. For that reason, we can help coordinate ride shares/carpooling. Email DC with the details of where you live. Please contact with as much notice as possible with the need arises.

My child plays a double-reeded instrument. What do they march with?

There are multiple options for your child. You and/or your child will have discussions with DC and the other directors to come up with a solution.

How do we get information about upcoming events/performances?

Communications to students and parents come in 5 primary forms from the directors.

  • Website
  • The YahooGroups email notifications
  • Director announcements
  • White board written announcements (in band hall)
  • Hard copy announcements (sent home with students)
  • Twitter (from Boosters)
  • This website’s Bulletin Board, though that will not be as all-inclusive.
  • Your student, who should be reading the band’s white board in the band hall as well as getting updates from their directors.

Students will always receive the latest updates, even beyond the update emails, in class.

All the information on getting connected can be found here.

Why am I required to work in the concession stand?

The concession stand is a HUGE fundraiser for our program. To keep fees low, every band family is expected to work at least one game/event held at LHS, whether it’s set up or food service during the game or clean up.

Sections are assigned specific dates to work concessions. While you can work any date, it’s sometimes fun to work with other parents from your child’s section. The section parent may notify you if volunteers are needed.

Why is my child expected to participate in fundraisers?

Per IRS guidelines, all fundraised monies are spread equally across the entire Band program. The average expected annual fundraised dollars for this season have already been applied toward this year’s Band Fees. This is why participation by all Band students in all Band fundraisers is expected. Any fundraised dollars over and above the anticipated amount will be applied to each individual student’s accounts – Band Fee first, then other payments such as LISD Maintenance Fee, Shoes and Tux/Dress.

Where do I drop off and pick up my student for rehearsals and performances? 

In front of the school. The parking lot by the pool is too busy and small for all our band parents and the driving students. Picking up and dropping off in front of the school keeps everyone safe.

Do NOT use the back alley. This is the way our kids move from the band hall to the practice field. Keeping it free of cars keeps the kids safe.

What does my child need for Summer Band (Marching Band rehearsal)? 

  • Tennis or athletic shoes – not slip on shoes of any kind. (Boots, sandals, heels, etc. are not
    acceptable footwear at rehearsals.)
  • Water jug (a one gallon jug with a pour spout on top) with water. Some students put smaller water bottles with frozen water in them in the jug to help keep the water cold. Other students also put snacks like grapes in a plastic baggie in the water jug. Mark your child’s name clearly on the jug.
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat – whatever they wear to keep the sun off them.
  • Light colored, loose fitting clothes (shorts and t-shirts) that reflect the sun/heat are best.
  • Pencil and music if flip folders – ALWAYS
  • Drill coordinates – ALWAYS (will be provided by the directors)
  • Instrument and all parts in good working condition
  • Eat breakfast every morning and drink water before coming to rehearsal. This will help you handle the August heat.

It’s going to be cold at a game. Can my child wear a jacket over the marching uniform and a hat with it in the stands?

Only Letter jackets can be worn over the marching uniform and only after the band has returned to the stands. Students who have not yet earned a Letter jacket may have blankets in the stands.

Hats (beanies) are not allowed, aside from the shakos that are part of the marching uniform.

How do the jackets and blankets get into the stands for the colder games?

Arrangements will be made with chaperones at the games to get jackets and blankets into the stands for the students. The student should have the Letter jacket or blanket with them in the band hall when they check in for inspection.

How are Letter jackets earned? 

Jackets are earned by acquiring points. Here is the district policy on lettering.

I (parent) have a question about an event/performance. Who do I ask?

  • Your student
  • Fellow band parent
  • Booster board member
  • Director

My student is going to miss a rehearsal or performance. Who do I tell?

Whether it’s an illness, an emergency or planned in advance you will need to communicate the absence with the directors. The absence may or may not be excused and could result in a zero. Specifics are outlined in the band handbook and course syllabus.

Where do band rehearsals happen?

Band rehearsals are always at Main Campus.

How does my child (Freshman or Sophomore) get from Main Campus to Harmon or Killough?

Buses run between every campus before and after school as well as between every class. Morning rehearsals wrap up at 7:45, giving students enough time to change clothes and catch a bus to their campus.

Should a bus be running late, students are not counted tardy when they arrive at their campus.

What’s White Shirt Monday?

White Shirt Monday is a day when all students are required to wear a white shirt to marching rehearsal. The policy is in place for the entire marching season regardless of weather.