Every current band family is a member of the LHS Band Boosters. Activity in the high school band is taken up several notches from middle school band, and we would not be able to manage things without the support of our band families.

We understand that some parents are more involved than others, but there are some minimum commitments we need families to honor in order to make our program a success.

  • Get Connected! Join the YahooGroup communications list. This is the primary way to get information on what’s happening with the band. Without this you will not know what’s happening.
  • Work at least once in the concession stand. The boosters are in charge of running and staffing the concession stands for football season. The band and football boosters share the work and profits from the concession stand, and the work cannot be done without the help of every family.
  • Get your student to rehearsals on time, which means 15 minutes early. Every student needs to be in their spot at the start time of a rehearsal. If practice begins and 7:00am and they arrive at 6:55 they will not be prepared.
  • Pay your band fees. A band program cannot succeed without the funds to pay the bills.

VOLUNTEER NOTE: Students are often known for saying they do not want a parent to volunteer or be involved. Please do not let your student keep you from being involved. They DO want you there, even if their teenage hearts won’t let them admit it.

Get involved!

If you have questions about how to get involved, contact our Band Boosters!