Band is a journey that teaches individuals to identify their personal strengths while also learning to work as a team with an additional focus on high academic standards, self-discipline, responsibility, and leadership.

In the Lewisville High School Band, students are expected to be accountable for themselves and the information about any rehearsals and or performances. It’s through learning to be responsible for themselves that students develop the tools needed for beyond high school.

Students march through their days on and off the field with pride. Pride in discovering who they are. Pride in the pursuit of something bigger than themselves. Pride in knowing they’ve done the job well and with class.

LHS Band students are encouraged to work as a team, whether in their section or as a whole, while strengthening weaknesses and developing individual strengths.

Some students have referred to band as a fraternity or a family, and it’s with the support of family, that dreams are realized. Each successful student is a realization of hard work and effort.

In 2017, 3 outstanding students made it to TMEA State band.


In 2014, 11 of our 53 graduating Seniors either graduated with plans of pursuing music degrees in college or earned a scholarship because of their band involvement. There are many more band students with college plans.

Our Lewisville High School Band program consists of four primary elements that include your student.  

Marching Band  ~  Concert Ensembles  ~

 Color & Winter Guards  ~  Percussion